Interactive Stories in Instagram to keep your audience engaged

12 Oct 2018

Instagram stories are a great way keep your followers in touch without compromising the well-crafted photography in your main feed. With actionable stories, you can engage your users in the conversation.

Instagram feed is no longer in the chronological order. If a follower engages with you more, Instagram algorithms will take this as side channel information and will show more of your content to the same followers. For example, if you have 2,000 followers, that doesn't mean all 2,000 followers will see your content. The more active your audience is with you, the higher chance Instagram chooses to show your content to them.

Instagram Stories can help you immensely with this!

Turn your Instagram Stories to actual stories - tell a story to your followers. Encourage your followers to ask questions and express their feelings back. This way, you can keep a healthy and alive connection with your users (which you really should be doing, regardless of it's benefits), and you are saying it out loud to Instagram that you have an active audience!

Next time you post an Instagram story, notice the button shown below: Instagram Story - Add stickers, polls, etc

This will open a list of stickers, emojis, and special intereactive elements that you can add to your story.

List of Instagram intereactive story elements

From here, you can choose from polls (where you can ask a question and ask users to pick one option from two), questions (users can ask you a question), and emoji meters (users drag a slider to rate how much they agree with the given emoji).

Example from an emoji slider

All of these intereactive elements are fun, silly and most importantly, quick for users to interact with.

Look out for more new these features with Instagram features, and you'll be able to keep your followers engaged with you in the long term