Tips to get started on IGTV

05 Nov 2018

Instagram TV, or IGTV, is now gaining a lot of attention from Instagram, and there is a massive potential for vloggers and former vines to break into the world of Instagram!

We will see a few ways for you to be successful in IGTV.

Vertical video format

This is the main difference with YouTube and IGTV. IGTV is ideal for videos made from a mobile phone, while YouTube is constantly focusing on high quality produced videos with a lot of editing.

With IGTV, your videos mist be vertical, and you can expect a lot of views to be on a mobile device.

Optimize your videos for mobile viewing. Forget your professional DSLR-made videos, take your phone, and go wild! These videos are meant to be made quickly and viewers don't often expect a lot of production value.

Be relevant and post often

Remember, this isn't YouTube that viewers are used to seeing scripted and well-made videos. They don't often cover events in day to day lives. With IGTV, you can focus on current events. Try to broadcast your life as it rolls out. Make videos often and post as soon as possible.

Imagine you are doing a hike for a few days. An ideal YouTube video would be a longer video at the end of your hike, with exciting music and a well-edited video that brings adrenaline rush to your viewers. For IGTV, users would rather prefer to watch small clips as your hike goes on.

Take advantage of the less saturation

YouTube was in the run for several years now, and it is hard to break through nowadays, with all sorts of niches saturated with many channels. Of you are creative, you can easily go big with IGTV. Be creative with new niches to bring to your viewers, and your users would stick with you!

Location, Trends, and Hashtags

Embrace the power of location tagging, hash tags, and the current trends.

Don't forget to tag your videos with its location. Instagram users in the nearby areas will come across your videos, and it can help you grow the audience.

With the meme culture and trending hashtags, you can easily place yourself where the most of the users are, this improving your audience!

Use your computer for faster uploads

Although IGTV videos are meant to be recorded from a mobile phone, you can still upload photos from a computer. This can be helpful if you would like to make some edits for your videos or you would find it easier to manage videos that way.

How to upload IGTV videos from a computer