Welcome to DownloadGram Picks!

07 Nov 2018

Welcome to the first episode of the series in which we discover awesome Instagram users!

This is a series of posts, posted every other week, in which we highlight some of the best Instagram accounts. All of these accounts are novelty accounts and we promise to never promote any account unless we genuinely see they are worth to follow and offer awesome content, but none of the marketing.

These are personal picks, and our main DownloadGram photo, video, and IGTV downloads has nothing to do with it. We never log or store any of the content you download, and these curated list of accounts don't pay us anything to promote them.

With that said, let's see the 3 accounts we pick this episode!

Obvious Plant

We start the list with an account with a great sense of humor. I discovered this via Reddit, and I spent hours looking at their photos.

They would never disappoint you with their brutally honest, fake, but fun package designs.

Princess Cheeto

This is for the cat lovers! The hooman of this cat posts photos of his cat... All cat owners are happy to be belonged (meaning the cat owns the hooman), and they post photos on Instagram. But Princess Cheeto has his unique style when he posts photos of his master.

City Best Views

City Best Views is a quite active Instagram account and they post photos of breath-taking travel destinations all around the world. Their photos probably belong to other photographers, but the account is a great inspiration to casually discover where you next trip would be!